Nediocare offers a unique opportunity for European qualified nurses who want to gain international work experience in the Netherlands.


Nediocare is an organisation whose mission is to solve the healthcare shortage in the Netherlands by recruiting qualified European care personnel. Because of this mission, we work closely with various Dutch healthcare institutions that are keen to invest in European nurses. From this partnership, we provide a good salary and fully furnished accommodation upon arrival in the Netherlands. You will also learn the Dutch language and culture in the first 3 months -free of charge – !

Nediocare is looking for qualified nurses who can offer complex care, who dare to take responsibility and who would like to gain unique international work experience in Dutch healthcare.


What can you expect from Nediocare?

  • You will be given an employment contract based on a 36-hours workweek for at least 15 months in a Dutch healthcare institution.
  • Salary from €1.940,= per month, and after passing the language exam from € 2.600,= per month.
  • Extra ORT (irregularity pay), end-of-year bonus, holiday pay, and a pension plan
  • Fully furnished living space that costs up to € 450.00 per month (incl.)
  • On arrival at the airport a warm welcome and transport by Nediocare team!
  • Support in arranging all facilities required to work and live in the Netherlands
  • Our Nediocare project mentors are at your service throughout the entire project.
  • During your work, you will be supervised by a tutor from the healthcare institution and there will be constant consultation between Nediocare and the healthcare institution about the supervision and progress.


What do we expect of you?

  • You are in possession of a European Bachelor degree in Nursing.
  • You are in possession of the European Nationality
  • Some work experience in health care institution and/or hospital is an advantage.
  • It would be a nice challenge for you to live and work in the Netherlands for at least 15 months.
  • You are committed and professional, and you have the resilience and courage to grow internationally.


Why work in the Netherlands?

With 17 million inhabitants and a population density of 498 people per square km, the Netherlands is the most densely populated country in the European Union and one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The Netherlands is known as a politically stable country with a sound financial policy. The Netherlands is one of the most open economies in the world and one of the world’s largest exporters. Popular sports in the Netherlands are football, hockey, tennis, cycling, golf, volleyball, ‘korfball’, handball, swimming and (ice)skating. The Dutch are creative, open-minded and pragmatic. They are also very direct, honest and open in their dealings with others.


What to do in the Netherlands?

  • Visit the municipality of Laarbeek, the greenest municipality in Europe!
  • Go to one of the hundreds of festivals that take place every year
  • Make a snowman in our cold winters or enjoy the beach in our hot summers.


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