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An overview of our partners:

Generaal Winkelmanstraat 175
5025 XG Tilburg

Het Laar

Het Laar is a stylish residential care organization that helps the elderly to live as they wish.
Het Laar enables older people to continue their familiar living and lifestyle and to add value
and meaning to this. Because life is worth it to enjoy.

Bernard de Wildestraat 400
4827 EG Breda

Woonzorgcentrum Raffy

At Woonzorgcentrum Raffy, Moluccan and Indian elderly people live, each with its own habits
and customs and a wide variety of origins, religion, past and experiences in the war. The
demand for care is partly determined by the cultural background of these elderly people.
Raffy is committed to providing excellent care for both groups.

Industrieweg 48
5145 PW Waalwijk

Actief Zorg

Actief Zorg offers care, nursing and helps as a young, fast-growing home care organization. Here, the core values that are important to us: personal, close and together.

Hoge Veer 1
4941 KH Raamsdonksveer

Het Hoge Veer

Creating a climate in which the client, despite any (increasing) dependence on others, gives direction to his own life.

Stadsweg 9a01
4931 HV Geertruidenberg

De Riethorst Stromenland

De Riethorst Stromenland has eleven (residential) care centers and nursing homes in West Brabant. There is one thing that we find the most important and that is: “Making our customers’ lives better together”.

Cyclaamstraat 2a
4921 JC Made

De Wijngaerd

De Wijngaerd Foundation is a care center in Drimmelen. As a senior citizen partner, Wijngaerd enters into a long-term relationship with the elderly.


Desiree Huijsmans

+31 (0)6 404 024 88

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