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Nediocare is a company created through involvement in Dutch healthcare. At the moment, there are many vacancies in the care for the elderly for highly educated nurses who are desperately needed to guarantee the quality of care.

Nediocare sees opportunities to fill these vacancies with enthusiastic and involved European nurses. These nurses are highly educated, have experience with working with the elderly and consciously choose this target group.

Nediocare also supports, supervises and advises the healthcare institutions involved.
Through this intensive cooperation we create the most ideal conditions together to achieve the desired goal.

With the unique guidance and training program of Nediocare, European nurses receive a qualitative Language and Culture course, but also necessary guidance to get used to living and working in the Netherlands.

Our European nurses start immediately on arrival with the training program which also includes internship days at the health care institution.
After three months of training, internship and passing the state exam, they can start as a graduates level 4/5 nurse level.

Nediocare plays a role for all parties here.

On the one hand by working together with the care institutions to fill the demand for highly trained staff and on the other hand by training European nurses who are eager to work in their field.


  • Ensures the recruitment of European nurses
  • Takes care of all necessary registrations and arranges all official documents for these nurses
  • Supports the managers of the healthcare institutions when deploying the nurses
  • Provides the unique guidance and training program in collaboration with REDLanguage&Training
  • Provides the nurses on arrival and provides the necessary facilities that make the stay in the Netherlands, for these mostly young people, successful
  • Our approach is unique because of this cooperation, do you want more information about working in the Netherlands as a European nurse? View the vacancy.

Are you interested as a care institution or do you want to know more about our approach,
then contact us for an exploratory conversation! Send an e-mail or call Ton van Leeuwen
+31652656478. tonvanleeuwen@nediocare.nl

Unique guidance and training program

Special program for European nurses in the Netherlands!

Nediocare has a specialized and expert team of instructors, each of whom has developed this unique training program from their own field.
You quickly learn to speak and write the Dutch language, where you also become acquainted with the Dutch multicultural society, we do this in collaboration with RED Language&Training
The coaching program is led by our project mentors, they are ready to answer all the questions and help you with everything you need.

Immediately upon arrival in the Netherlands you start with this program in which you will receive a varied program for the first three months. You immediately start working with the Dutch language and applying it in practice, since communication is an important part of your profession.
For example, you steadily work on the state exam in Dutch, you have to pass this exam in order to be registered in the BIG register, this is necessary in the Netherlands to be able to work as a full nurse.

Together with the Nediocare team we will arrange everything that is necessary for pleasant living and working in the Netherlands.

Our goal is that you quickly feel at home in the Netherlands, you are not alone!

Europe and the Netherlands

Nediocare is the pivot between job-seeking European nurses and the Dutch healthcare institutions with open vacancies.

At the moment there are many vacancies for highly educated nurses in the Netherlands, especially in care for the elderly. Nediocare sees a chance to fill these vacancies with enthusiastic and involved European nurses.

These nurses have had a full and thorough education, are loving and warm and can make the difference in the specific care for the elderly with these competences.

Here in the Netherlands there is a nice and collegial working climate in a friendly atmosphere in which there is plenty of room to develop yourself. This is a valuable opportunity for nurses to increase their skills.

Facts and facts about the Netherlands https://www.holland.com

When you choose the profession of nurse you are naturally a helpful and friendly person, you have mastered your own competences with your training so you can professionally guide and care for the vulnerable person and their loved ones.

Good employment services in the Netherlands are:

  • A good salary
  • Irregularity allowance
  • Further training and refresher courses
  • Pension provisions
  • Ample vacation days
  • Space for professional development

In short: When you start working as a nurse in care for the elderly in the Netherlands, you can mean a lot for the aging person and their loved ones with plenty of room for development of yourself!

Het Nediocare Team
Nediocare has a team of enthusiastic employees, each with their own expertise.

The Nediocare team consists of the following people:
By using our qualities together we make the difference with Nediocare.
Our vision: we care together

The Nediocare team

Nediocare heeft een team van enthousiaste medewerkers met ieder met hun eigen deskundigheid.

The Nediocare team members:

Ton van Leeuwen

+31 (0)6 526 564 78

Maria-Jose Navarro Sanchez

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Desiree Huijsmans


Rose-Marie Hoebens


Hans Tervoor


Martin Pulles



Desiree Huijsmans

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